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Wholesale Do it yourself pest weed lawn care control agriculture chemical products supplier online store with Korusa Pest Control that Top leader of professional service solution provider!

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We carry Insecticide, Pesticide, Termiticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Miticide, ULV fogger, Fertilizer, Rodenticide, Avicide, Viricide, Germicide, PPE, Surfactant, Tool, Equipment, Etc. 

All online Do It Yourself Pest Control Supplier Store is not same.

Pestrong.com mostly sells chemical after finished field test by korusa pest control unlike other online competitor! So, We may know which chemical is best solution for the customer. Actual field may different from the Lab.

We also have continued Pest, Termite, Lawn Care, Landscape service business at Metro Atlanta since 2004!

So, We know Pest Termite Weed !  We know what customer says! 

If you can't find chemical you wish, contact us to request!

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Latest received customer reviews

Rating: 5
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10-17-2017 19:06:18
Daconil Action Fungicide - 2.5 Gallons
This is a good solid fungicide and it works well with other fungicides as well. A unique thing about this one is that you can use this to boost your lawn's own resistance to fungi. I had longer streches where my lawn stayed lush and green, before I had to do another run of the stuff. I use this in between mandatory treatments and my lawn is always looking great.

Rating: 5
star review4star review4star review4star review4star review4
10-17-2017 18:53:06
Allure 30 Watt Stainless Steel Electric Fly Zapper
This zapper is a great investment for anyone who hosts night gatherings outside their home. The stainless steel grill obscures what goes on inside so no one sees the the dead flies, while having plenty of slots so the light bulbs can shine through and attract all them bugs onto the zapper. Changing bulbs, cleaning the thing, transporting it, it's all easy. When you have a ga...

Rating: 5
star review4star review4star review4star review4star review4
10-13-2017 18:01:18
Sharon KIM
FlyWeb Replacement Pack of 10 Glue Board - White, Black
These are replacement glue boards for the Flyweb Fly Trap. The great thing about them is that they're cheaper here than on other stores and they work great. Very sticky and guaranteed a lot of caught flies. The minor down side of them is that because the light trap works so well, the boards need to get changed quite often. There are two colors white and black and I use both ...

Rating: 5
star review4star review4star review4star review4star review4
10-13-2017 17:53:55
Sharon KIM
FlyWeb Fly Light Trap
This is the best fly trap I've ever used! I don't like using bait traps because usually the baits are poisonous. And the glue tape traps look gross as more and more flies get trapped, taking them down is a major pain, and since they have no attractant, it takes a loooong time for it to actually catch a lot of bugs. This light trap attacts flies with light and the glue board ...

Rating: 5
star review4star review4star review4star review4star review4
10-13-2017 15:28:23
Advance Carpenter Ant Bait Insecticide - 8 oz
This stuff works great. apply in areas where there are a lot of carpenter ants. they really seem to love the stuff. it disappears quickly. takes a few days to see a noticable drop in ants entering my home until almost none ever appears now. I use some every now and then to prevent any chances for another colony to grow

Rating: 5
star review4star review4star review4star review4star review4
10-11-2017 13:47:50
B&G Multi-Dose Bait Gun 3000 for Syringe
This has prevented me from over baiting. I never realized just how much bait I've been overusing! This always uses the exact amount needed and you can actually see how much bait you're using. No more guesswork, especially compared to the push tube baits. Just make sure to use thicker bait products. The runnier ones tend to be more inexact in the amount used. I switched to ad...

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