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Wholesale Do it yourself pest weed lawn care control agriculture chemical products supplier online store with Korusa Pest Control that Top leader of professional service solution provider!

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We carry Insecticide, Pesticide, Termiticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Miticide, ULV fogger, Fertilizer, Rodenticide, Avicide, Viricide, Germicide, PPE, Surfactant, Tool, Equipment, Etc. 

All online Do It Yourself Pest Control Supplier Store is not same.

Pestrong.com mostly sells chemical after finished field test by korusa pest control unlike other online competitor! So, We may know which chemical is best solution for the customer. Actual field may different from the Lab.

We also have continued Pest, Termite, Lawn Care, Landscape service business at Metro Atlanta since 2004!

So, We know Pest Termite Weed !  We know what customer says! 

If you can't find chemical you wish, contact us to request!

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Latest received customer reviews

Rating: 3.7
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05-02-2017 23:43:48
Nicholas PAYNE
SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide - 2.5 Gal
Fast and safe on most grasses. Great on broadleaf plants. Best price. Fast and free shipping

Rating: 4
star review4star review4star review4star review4star review0
05-02-2017 23:39:50
Nicholas PAYNE
Prodiamine 65 WDG Generic Barricade - 5 Lbs
Love this product. Great pre-emergent. Same as barricade. Always fast and free shipping

Rating: 5
star review4star review4star review4star review4star review4
05-02-2017 23:34:41
Nicholas PAYNE
AmTide MSM 60 DF Rometsol MetSulfuronhyl Manor - 16 Oz
Great product. Price lowered. Fast and free shipping. Thanks again

Rating: 5
star review4star review4star review4star review4star review4
04-27-2017 10:23:23
Andersons Scotts AccuPro 2000SR Rotary Stainless Steel Spreader
Great fast shipping on this spreader. The assembly was easy and the parts all look as beefy and well built as my last 2000SR spreader. This may seem too expensive but an Andersons SR2000 spreader will pay for itself in accurate application and trouble free performance.

Rating: 5
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04-24-2017 16:21:22
George REEDY
Bifen LP Insecticides Granules Wisdom Talstar PL - 25 Lbs
Used this for years around the house and yard. Good at above-ground insects, especially keeping away fire ants. These guys are cheapest around.

Rating: 5
star review4star review4star review4star review4star review4
04-19-2017 08:35:07
Kristy OLSON
Avenue South Broadleaf Herbicide for Turfgrass - 1 - 2.5 Gal
Used on yard that had several species of St. Augustine grass (Floratam, Bitter Blue). Was worried of herbicide treatment impact to Floratam species as other 24d products have been harsh on grass. Could see positive results of multiple broad leaf weeds dying within a few days (clover leaf, kalinga, wood grass and more). First time trying to apply herbicide (husband usually...

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