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Blue Yellow Sticky Trap 25 Pk

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Blue Yellow Sticky Trap 25 Pk includes 25 adhesive rectangle traps, 25 hangers and instructions.

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Blue Yellow Sticky Trap 25 Pk includes 25 adhesive rectangle traps, 25 hangers and instructions.  All the effectiveness of the Amazing Yellow Adhesive Trap for one side + special blue color for other side that aphids and thrip are fond of, in addition to yellow.  Also attractive to white flies, hoppers, beetles, fruit flies, psyllids, midges and sharpshooters.

Grid patterns and specific yellow color were tested, developed, and are recommended by leading entomologists.  Both sides are sticky.  Traps are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions — bright hot sun, rain, and wind (when properly hung).

Blue Yellow Sticky Glue Board Insect Traps Combo

  • Part No.: PWT590
  • Card Size:  8x3½ in (17.8x8.9 cm)
  • Sticky Area: 49 sq in (316 sq cm)
  • Grid Size:  1x1 in (2.54x2.54 cm)
  • Hanger Holes:  3 along top of card
  • Qty:25 pack (blue for one side, yellow for other side) include 25 hangers, and instruction
  • Biodegradable trap pad
  • Use with or without lure

Both sides are coated with a unique MessyLess stick-um, which sticks to the insects and not  to your fingers and makes these traps easier to handle.
Traps may be installed hanging down or horizontally from limbs, stakes or vine wires.

Usage: use 1 trap/1000 sq ft for monitoring and 1 trap per 25-50 sq ft for trapping out.

blue_yellow_insect_trap_sticky_glue_board2.png blue_yellow_insect_trap_sticky_glue_board1.pngblue_yellow_insect_trap_sticky_glue_board3.jpg

This greenhouse photo is a deployment of these traps in Tunisia.  In this location there are protected environments like these in the desert as far as the eye can see.  It is amazing.

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This glue does not dry out and the traps last until the surface area is completely covered with insects, even through rain. Good stuff for gardener!

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