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X3 Xeroton Algaecide Bactericide Fungicide-96oz

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X3 Xeroton Algaecide Bactericide Fungicide-96oz is an oxidizing compound used for the prevention and control of diseases and algae in commercial greenhouses, garden centers, landscapes, nurseries and interiorscapes.

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X3 Xeroton Algaecide Bactericide Fungicide-96oz prevents and controls diseases in commercial nurseries, greenhouses, landscapes and interiorscapes. It can be used as a fungicide and algaecide on greenhouse structures, benches, watering systems and other equipment.

X3 Xeroton Algaecide Bactericide Fungicide-96oz controls algae, bacterial diseases and fungal diseases.

X3 Xeroton Algaecide Bactericide Fungicide-96oz attacks and destroys pathogens and algae in your water, in your soil, on surfaces and on your plants.

  • Improve the quality of  your water and plant material
  • Eliminate bacterial plant pathogens in your water, soil and greenhouse surfaces
  • Eliminate algae in your water, soil and greenhouse surfaces
  • Eliminate fungal plant pathogens in your water, soil and greenhouse surfaces
  • Reduce the use of expensive chemical fungicides in your operation
  • Reduce the loss of plants to diseases
  • Not for use on food crops

Active Ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide(6.9%), Peroxyacetic Acid(4.4%), Octanoic Acid(3.3%)

Rate: Vary (0.25oz per gallon of water or 1:250 ratio or up to 1:50,000 ratio with water), See label for detail


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