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Catchmaster 602PE Snap Trap for Mice - 5Pks

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Catchmaster 602PE Snap Trap for Mice - 5Pks

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Catchmaster 602PE Snap Trap for Mice - 5Pks

Size : 3.94" x 1.75" (for mouse)

A new twist on a classic. The ALL NEW heavy duty snap traps feature expanded triggers that make baiting and setting a “snap”.

• Plywood Base Made from recycled material, it is resistant to cracking and less prone to warping, even in wet conditions.

• Corrosion Resistant Components Prolonged longevity in the field.

• Double Tension Springs Provide powerful, reliable triggering.

• Expanded Trigger Field testing has shown expanded triggers to be 16% more effective than standard triggers (Mallis 1997).

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