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Lawn Weed Killer with Trimec (three way) Herbicide-1qt

Lawn Weed Killer with Trimec (three way) Herbicide-1qt

Southern AG Inc
Southern AG Inc

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LAWN WEED KILLER with TRIMEC(three way) Herbicide-1qt like trimec Classic (2-4-D) Post-emergent broadleaf weed control in turf: golf courses, residential lawns, cemeteries, sports turf, public parks and other sites.

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• For use on 9 turf types

• Controls a wide range of lawn weeds

• A patented combination of 3 proven weed killers

• Directions for use in conventional & hose end sprayers


CONTAINS: 5.30% Mecoprop, 3.05% 2,4-D, 1.29% Dicamba.

USE ON: St. Augustine, bermuda, bahia, blue grass, fescues, rye and centipede.

CONTROLS: Most broadleaf weeds.

RATE: 1 to 1.5 oz. per gallon to 400 sq. ft. for southern grasses.

            1.5 oz. per gallon to 400 sq. ft. for Northern Grasses.
  APPLICATION: Apply as a uniform spray with a fan nozzle on turf or follow the labeled directions for using a hose end sprayer.
  CAUTION: Avoid spray drift on shrubs & trees. Spray to accurately obtain indicated coverage.
broadleaf weed

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I have used trimec with good results and trimec for the DIY guy that wants hard to kill weeds gone.

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