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10-10-10 + minor All Purpose Fertilizer - 50 Lbs

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10-10-10+ minor All Purpose Fertilizer-50lb is Uniform, homogenous granular formulation.  

CONTAINS: 10% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorus (P205), 10% Potassium (K20) plus minor elements

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An all purpose plant food with a balanced ration of nutrients. It is excellent for use on vegetable flower and ornamental gardens and provides a quality feeding for lawns trees and shrubs. An ideal starter fertilizer for new lawns.

10-10-10 FERTILIZER.

10% Nitrogen

10% Phosphorus (P205)

10% Potassium (K20)

1% Zinc

1% Magnesium

1% Sulfur



Vegetable gardens & flowerbeds; 1 cup per 25 sq. ft

Roses & large shrubs; + cup per 4 ft. of height

Fruit trees; 2-4 cups per tree.

Turf; 10lb per 1,000sq.ft (*depend on soil test) 


APPLICATION: Broadcast evenly over area and water in.


PACKED: 50 lb bag, 5 lb poly bag also available

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