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Bellow Hand Insecticidal Duster - 8 oz

Bellow Hand Insecticidal Duster - 8 oz

JT Eaton
JT Eaton

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Bellow Hand Insecticidal Duster - 8 oz is professinal tool when it comes to crack and crevice treatments of fine dust products into small areas.

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Bellow Hand Insecticidal Duster - 8 oz has a 6-inch powder coated green extension to treat hard to reach places. Then end of the extension where the dust comes out measures 1/4 inch.  The metal extension also features an insulated black tip to prevent a shock hazard when dusting near electrical outlets.

How to use the duster

Remove black rubber cap from top of duster. The duster should be filled only halfway - no more than two-thirds full. This allows for adequate air space to create the desired air/dust mixture prior to application. If there is too much dust in the duster, clumps of dust on treated surfaces may result, leading to over application of the product and messy spills.

Between each squeeze, the duster should be shaken slightly to get dust floating inside the duster.

When applying dust into cracks and crevices and on surfaces, gently squeeze the duster to ensure the application of very thin layers of dust. When dusting correctly, you should barely be able to see the dust emerging from the tip of the duster.

Before relaxing your grip on the duster, pull it away from the surface or crack you are treating to prevent sucking up lint, moisture or debris. Small amounts of these items will eventually cause lumping and/or clogging of the duster. In the event that the nozzle becomes clogged, you may unscrew the rod from the rear of the nozzle and insert it into the nozzle to break up any clogs.

It is also recommended to place a small rock in the duster to help break up the dust and prevent it from clumping.

This professional quality duster is brand new and holds 8 ounces of dust. Great for getting dust or bait (not granular type) into hard to reach areas and cracks and crevices.

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