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Profoam Platinum Foam Marker Agent - Gal

Profoam Platinum Foam Marker Agent - Gal

Nisus Corporation
Nisus Corporation

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Profoam Platinum Foam Marker Agent - Gal delivers with foam to any pesticide and any place.

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Profoam Platinum Foam Marker Agent - Gal delivers with foam to any pesticide and any place.

Active Ingredient : Sulfates Disodium Lauroampho Diacetate --- 60%

Compatible with all pesticides

No matter what pest you are eliminating from your home, ProFoam Platinum is specially designed to work with the pesticide of choice. ProFoam Platinum is non-repellant, which means that it will not interfere with the effectiveness of any pesticide. ProFoam is the vehicle that transports the pesticide to where it needs to be. Once there, ProFoam Platinum dissipates, leaving only the pesticide to attract and kill pests.

Gets pesticide into hard-to-reach places

A unique blend of foaming agents, ProFoam Platinum can transport any type of insecticide into wall voids, tunnels, drains or any other horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Exempt CA Prop 65

California’s Proposition 65 requires that all pesticides (or agents mixed with pesticides) that are carcinogenic or reproductive toxicants be included on this list. When using these products in California, pest control companies are required by law to notify the homeowner. Because ProFoam Platinum has been proven effective and meets California’s stringent requirements, it is exempt from Prop 65.

The Science Behind ProFoam

ProFoam Platinum is a non-ionic and non-repellant foaming agent that can work with any pesticide; it will not cause oxidation, it will not rust metals, and will not repel insects.

ProFoam delivers to inaccessible areas such as:

  • Behind existing walls
  • Ceilings and any horizontal space
  • Attics
  • Drains
  • Floors and crawl spaces

Rate :

  • Low Expansion - 0.5 to 1.5 oz. Pro-Foam per gallon of water
  • High Expansion - 1.5 to 6 oz. Pro-Foam per gallon of water

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Great foam marker.

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