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Liquid Copper Fungicide

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Liquid Copper Fungicide For Control of Disease on Vegetables, Ornamentals, Fruit & Nut, Crops and Algae in Turfgrass.

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Liquid Copper Fungicide For Control of Disease on Vegetables, Ornamentals, Fruit & Nut, Crops and Algae in Turfgrass.

It contains 31.4% Copper Ammonium Complex (8% Metallic Copper Equivalent, 0.784 lbs per gallon.)

Use on Many fruits, vegetables, turfgrasses (algae control) Live Oak (moss control) and Ornamentals.

Controls many bacterial and fungal leaf spots, rust blights. Also controls algae in turfgrass and moss in live oaks.

RATE: Rates vary GREATLY depending upon use. See label. For example: Peaches - 1.5 Tbs per gallon. Tomatoes - 2 oz per 1000 sqft in 2 gallons water. Ornamentals - 2 teaspoons per gallon, Moss Control - 4.5 ounces per 1000 sqft, Algae Control in Turfgrass - 1 pint per 1000 sqft in 5 gallons water. Application: Mix with water and apply as a cover spray.


Cultural Practices:
Algae, like
moss, can out-compete turf in certain growing conditions. The conditions that favor the algae must be altered to encourage good turf growth. Algae can develop very quickly during extended periods of overcast warm rainy weather. Aeration helps the turf in compacted soils and also allows the surface to drain better. Avoid frequent shallow watering. During establishment of new turf, watering should be monitored. The frequent watering needed to germinate seed can encourage the establishment of algae. Good air movement is also important and fans may be needed in certain conditions to enhance air movement across the soil surface. The pH of the soil should also be checked.

Herbicide Use:
Apply your algae control to established algae that are actively growing, but before crust formation. The application of iron or other pH-altering materials can assist in creating an environment unfavorable to algae growth. Fungicides can also be useful in the control of algae.


For residential use only.

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Good copper source for my plant. I removed most of fungal disease with this.