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Akari 5SC Miticide Insecticide - Qt

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Akari 5SC Miticide Insecticide - Qt stops mite feeding immediately after an application.

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Akari 5SC Miticide Insecticide - Qt Stops the Damage! Immediately after an application, Akari's unique "stop-feeding action" not only stops further damage to your plants but also halts the laying of eggs. So you have peace of mind that the mites are not eating further into precious profits while they die in 4 to 7 days. Active on all life stages, but especially effective on the plant damaging larvae, nymph and adult stages, Akari provides residual action of 21-28 days. With an EPA reduced-risk classification, excellent plant safety, a 12 hour REI, and activity gentle to beneficial insects, the unique advanced chemistry of Akari Miticide will be a powerful addition to your IPM rotation.

Active ingredient: Fenpyroximate -- 5%

Rate: 16-24 oz per 100 gallons of spray.

Mode of action: Akari's mode of action is primarily as a contact miticide. It is effective on all stages of two-spotted spider mite and is most effective on larvae followed by nymphs, adults and eggs. Akari is a mitochondrial electron transport inhibitor (METI). When the active ingredient, fenpyroximate, comes in contact with target mites, it blocks cell respiration causing the pest to loose motor control and collapse. In addition to this contact activity, Akari provides cumulative mortality at each successive life stage through inhibition of molting as is seen with insect growth regulators.

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Used product according to directions, multiple times. Completely ineffective, much better options out there.

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mike OWEN
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Great product, Great information, Fast delivery

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