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Aquamaster Rodeo Aquatic Herbicide Glyphosate-2.5Gallon

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AquaMaster herbicide effectively controls weeds in emerged vegetation where water is present

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AquaMaster herbicide effectively controls weeds in emerged vegetation where water is present.

AquaMaster is a non-selective aquatic herbicide and is highly effective on more than 190 species of emerged weeds, including a wide range of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and sedges. It works in most aquatic settings better than other weed control options, because it offers application flexibility. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in AquaMaster herbicide, has favorable environmental characteristics, such as degradation over time in soil, sediment, and natural waters, and tight binding to most soils and sediment, which reduces bioavailability soon after application. This will not work on submersed weeds.If you want to kill submersed weeds also, Try with Harvest Diquat 2L Herbicide.

  • Broad-spectrum, responsible and convenient weed control.
  • Effective in lakes, streams, ponds and other aquatic areas.
  • Excellent fit for golf courses, residential and commercial areas.
  • Most effective against: Emersed weeds - Specifically: Bulrush, Caittail, spatterdock, duckweed, and most Grasses.
  • Rate: 3oz per 1gallon of water (0.5% solution)
  • Active Ingredient: Glyphosate --- 53.8%
  • Same as Rodeo Herbicide, but cheaper 

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