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Spike 80DF Pasture Herbicide - 4 Lb

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Spike 80DF Pasture Herbicide - 4 Lb is a dry-flowable formulation as Pre-emergent and Post-emergent Pature Herbicide that is mixed and applied with a water carrier.

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Spike 80DF Pasture Herbicide - 4 Lb is a dry-flowable formulation as Pre-emergent and Post-emergent Pature Herbicide that is mixed and applied with a water carrier.

A soil-active product, Spike 80DF is applied to the soil surface by ground equipment and enters plants only through the roots. Spike 80DF has active ingredient (tebuthiuron 80%), a formulation applied as a dry-flowable dust.

If you want to pellet formulation, use Spike 20P.

Spike 80DF is labeled for two uses on range and pastureland:

Banded application method for use on rangeland and pasture:

Spike 80DF herbicide is mixed with water and applied directly to the soil surface in a concentrated, narrow, straight stream (band). There, the solution enters the soil profile to intersect with the lateral roots of woody plants. Precise, banded applications of Spike 80DF herbicide are perfect for clearing susceptible brush from fencerows, to create openings for wildlife habitat, or to spot-treat brush motts (small groves or clumps of brush) to improve grazing.

A tool to slow the advance of rangeland wildfires:         

Spike 80DF helps fight fires in more ways than one. Firebreaks created with Spike 80DF not only help slow down wildfires, they also provide access points for fire personnel, as well as areas for safety and parking emergency vehicles. To create herbicidal firebreaks, apply Spike 80DF herbicide from midsummer to early fall. Use truck- or tractor-mounted equipment. A spray boom with low-pressure, large droplet nozzles should be adjusted to deliver a uniform strip about 40 to 50 feet wide. Depending on application rate, one application can provide effective control for two years or more. For more information on establishing rangeland firebreaks with Spike 80DF herbicide.

  • Labeled for rangeland and pasture
  • Long-lasting, precision brush control for fencerows, spot applications, strips and senderos, wildlife patterns and open blocks
  • Dry-flowable formulation
  • Soil-activated product – enters plants only through the roots
  • Banded applications minimize spray interception by foliage, concentrate the herbicide for better root uptake, and minimize damage to annual grasses and forbs
  • Firebreak applications control annual grasses and weeds, reducing fire fuels and aiding in firebreak establishment
  • Controls oaks, including sand shinnery, running live, post, blackjack, South Texas mixed brush, sand sage, big sagebrush, Macartney rose, blackberry and many others
  • Rate: 1.25Lbs to 5Lbs maximum per acre depends on site (See Label for detail)

*Be careful spike 80DF will kill tree and shrubs.

*Not for residential use.

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