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OVERVIEW: MSMA continues to undergo examination and/or changes in its current label structure. Recently, EPA has delayed implementation of the use deadline for Group II ( TURF uses below ) pending the outcome of the IRIS assessment and other testing. The MSMA Task Force (OAPTF) is fully engaged with EPA in seeking to extend the label uses for MSMA beyond the present.
Below is a brief analysis of the overall situation.

- Cotton (Group I) is fully eligible for re-registration and has no ending use date.
- MSMA is legal for use in all states where cotton is grown, including the ten (10) counties in the state of Florida.

TURF USES ( Golf Courses, Sod Farms, Highway ROW's ):
- The Group II uses listed here were originally to be removed from the MSMA label as of December 31, 2013. That date is NO LONGER in effect.
- The pending IRIS assessment by EPA has delayed implementation of the above date until at least year 2016. More info. to come later.
- Current Label MSMA is legal for the above turf uses in all states of the U.S. (if registered in that state) EXCEPT the state of Florida.

- Group III uses ( including homeowner use, athletic fields, etc ) are not legal for use with current label MSMA. These were lost in year 2010 from the current label.
- The MSMA Task Force (OAPTF) may petition EPA for restoration of these uses. More info. to come later.

- As noted above, the only legal use for current label MSMA in the state of Florida is for cotton.
- Pending outcome of the IRIS assessment, Florida may be considered for re-registration on turf uses.

- On the Group II Uses ( Golf Courses, Sod Farms, Highway ROW's) presently listed on the current label, there is a statement that says " After December 31, 2013, applications to …. are prohibited " This statement is NO LONGER VALID.
- The MSMA Task Force (OAPTF) is working with EPA to determine the easiest way to legally address the wording that exists on inventory remaining in the trade after this season. There is no decision as of yet, but information will be forthcoming once available. The MSMA Task Force (OAPTF)will develop some additional communication to assist in this process. More info. to come later.

- This product is the OLD LABEL manufactured prior to year 2010 which included the Group III uses.
- This product is NOT legal for sale or handling by distributors and/or dealers.
- Should some of this product still exist in the hands of an end-user/grower, then it can be legally used/applied by that customer until the product is fully used up. As long as it is applied by label instructions.


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Author:K LEE
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