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How can we do safer pest control?

How can we do safer pest control?

  • Use non-chemical control methods to help reduce pest problems. Around the home, such measures include removing sources of food and water (such as leaky pipes) and destroying pest shelters and breeding sites (such as litter and plant debris).
  • Use protective measures when handling pesticides as directed by the label, such as wearing glasses, impermeable gloves, long pants, and long-sleeve shirts. Change clothes and wash your hands immediately after applying pesticides.
  • DO NOT use more pesticide than directed by the label. Don't think that twice the amount will do twice the job.
  • Before applying a pesticide (indoors or outdoors), remove children, pets and toys from the area and keep them away until the pesticide has dried.
  • Don't spray outdoors on windy or rainy days. Take precautions to keep the pesticide from drifting or running off into storm drains, drainage ditches, gutters, surface waters, vegetable gardens, pools, or neighbor's yard.
  • Always follow label directions exactly as written, including all precautions, restrictions and any state or local regulations regarding disposal.
  • Use only in well ventilated areas and remove or cover food during indoor applications.
  • Always store pesticides away from pets and children's reach, in a locked cabinet or shed. Child-proof safety latches also may be installed on cabinets and can be purchased at local hardware stores and other retail outlets.
  • Never transfer pesticides to other containers that may be associated with food or drink.
  • Please refer to the product label for proper storage and disposal.
  • Be prepared to handle any potential spills by keeping absorbent materials like sand available, as well as a shovel, broom and a bag. In the event of a spill, avoid contact with the pesticide and isolate area, confining the spill and keeping animals and unprotected persons away.
Author:K LEE
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