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EPA Rodenticide Risk Mitigation Decision (RRMD) - Regulation Sale Restriction

EPA Rodenticide Risk Mitigation Decision (RRMD)



On June 4, 2011 new regulations on rodent bait products go into effect, mandated by the U.S. EPA in the Rodenticide Risk Mitigation Decision. The regulations affect the sales and uses of rodenticides by both professionals and the retail markets. For retail sales the second generation (single feeding) anticoagulants will no longer be available, but all active ingredients will continue to be available to professional applicators. For retail sales the only formulations that will be available will be solid blocks or soft baits, and package sizes must be less than 1 pound.


For professional applicators the most noticeable change will be the package sizes that can be sold. For first generation anticoagulants the minimum package size will be 4 lbs, and for second generation it will be 16 lbs. Product that already is in distribution or in end users’ hands can be sold and used as currently packaged and labeled. Rodent baits used outdoors above-ground will need to be placed in tamper resistant stations in most situations, and must be within 50 feet of a structure. There are other changes in this Decision, and for complete information please go to here.

Author:K LEE
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