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Feedback from Our Customers

These are some of the comments we received from our customers.
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Written by: Rachel Lankford 2014-11-25

Great for residual pest control.

Written by: Chris 2014-11-15

I received exactly what I ordered and sooner than I expected. Plus the price was the best I could find. Great service!

Written by: Dickie Lovett 2014-11-12

Received the 4 vents but have not installed them. The vents are a good quality. Shipping is fast and free.

Written by: Casanova Hambrick 2014-11-06

The product I purchase has meet and exceeded expectation.

Written by: Joel Beck 2014-10-27

Great product, great service and very fast shipping.

Written by: Wade Lobato 2014-10-17

How long does it usually take before your loyalty points are validated and you are able to use them?

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
After purchase, then if you leave review of purchased product page(not this feedback page) and click 2 or more social link, we will generate 2% of voucher code at your account within 24 hours. Loyalty point will change to voucher. Thanks.

Written by: Tim 2014-10-10

Pestrong continues to be my go-to vender because of their attractive pricing, speed of delivery and professional service.
They consistently carry the quality products I need and at the lowest price
Thank You!

Written by: MYRIAM THELEMAQUE 2014-10-09


Written by: Mrs. Ruiz 2014-10-09

I tried several products to get rid of the flea infestation and nothing worked. I TRULY stand behind this product. This worked immediately. I have no pets but the fleas came with the neighborhood cats that like to sleep next to my door. Not only did this work dramatically, but something in the odor kept those darn cats away too! I highly recommend this product. Thank you soooo very much Ultracide!

Written by: Larry 2014-10-08

I am a homeowner and my yard had a lot of dovetail and some nutsedge.So, I found this Dismiss and it will definitely get rid of the sedges and dovetail weeds.You will begin to see results within 24 hours and over a couple of weeks up to say 3 weeks it will be gone.This has been a great find for me.I will purchase again and use when i need it again.

Written by: Larry 2014-10-08

I have been using the granular iron in the past.I decided to try chelated iron 5% to green out my lawn.It works great no more yellow and no more granular for me.You will see your lawn turn green in 24 hours and the yellow will be gone also. It works great on your garden also.You will not be disappointed.

Written by: Steve 2014-08-12

Product shipped quickly. Casoron 4G works very well.

Written by: Stokley Richardson 2014-08-10

Delivery is very prompt. When Deltagard G is used with a seeded/sower a little goes a long way. You can say goodbye to chiggers, ants, and moles when it is applied as directed. It is the only product on the market today, that I know of, that will control the above pest and many more.
Stokley Richardson

Written by: Tim Thompson 2014-08-10

I had an issue with the product I received. Once I notified Pestrong of the issue, they promptly resolved my issue. I will place future orders with this company. Thanks for your great service!

Written by: Mark Ottalagano 2014-08-06

I have been buying my pests control stuff from PESTRONG. The price is great! I use to buy my pest control stuff locally but they have a better price that includes the shipping also! I would recommend them to my friends!!!

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:

Written by: Daisy Carrasco 2014-08-05

Love Products! Works Great!

Written by: Always green 2014-07-29

This product really does work.. I love it.

Written by: Don 2014-07-29

Sorry, but I can't make a comment, haven't used the product as of yet.

Written by: Ken Nelson 2014-07-29

I used this with Drive XLR in a 25 gallon sprayer I pull behind my lawn mower. Applying the seed oil and Drive XLR killed all my weeds including the crabgrass. I will definitely use this product again.

Written by: Ken Nelson 2014-07-28

Drive XLR8 killed my crabgrass in one application. I tried other crabgrass killer, however nothing kills the crabgrass like Drive XLR8.

Written by: Todd Hyatt 2014-07-22

Thank you again for the easy process of ordering on your website.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:

Written by: David Hughes 2014-07-13

Hello All...I consider myself VERY fortunate to have found PESTRONG for all my insecticide & fertilizer needs. I found PESTRONG when I did a google search for TERMIDOR. They had the BEST price on the net,,so I gave them a try & have never been dissapointed since! ALWAYS the best price & FAST shipping time! Hard to believe it is free,when a company tells me free shipping I think 2-3 weeks.I have no had to wait longer than 4 days with PESTRONG & I am in Los Angeles!! A really GREAT company & if your on the fence about making a buy,,dont worry & go with PESTRONG,, YOU WONT REGRET IT!! Regards...Dave Hughes

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Thank you!

Written by: john 2014-07-08

Ref: Hyvar X-L, I bought a gallon and there were no instruction on how many ounces per gallon of water for sprayers. I went to DuPont web site and it is very confusing. So why don’t you put the mixer per ounces per gal of water.
You would sale a hell of lot more if people could understand what they have to do.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Yes. By following label, some chemical gave focus professional market like per acre instead per gallon of water. If per acre, you have to adjust rate as calculate amount divide by 1acre/43.56k sqft/100gallon of water. But this is general calculation. so read label carefully. Thanks.

Written by: Mike Owen 2014-07-07

Great product, Great information, Fast delivery

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Thank you!

Written by: Jane Lawler 2014-07-07

I can not tell you how many products I have tried to keep the deer from eating my plants. Nothing has even slowed them down until I tried deer scram. This stuff really works! We have even seen the deer come over to my plants smell and walk away. Highly recommend this product.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Yes....I agreed also. I have used this for my customer at field.

Written by: Gary L Steinbring 2014-07-03

This stuff is great.Love dealing with you guys.Quick and easy!

Written by: Charles Cue 2014-06-30

We love Horsepower it's great for summer rotation of weed control and gets the hard to control weeds.

Written by: Ken Winschel 2014-06-30

I don't know if it's killing the colony, but they are eating two cartridges a week.

Written by: Ronald Conradt 2014-06-30

I was impressed by the price of the product and the prompt shipping. I received the product quickly and am waiting for the correct weather conditions indicated in the instructions to apply it. At this point I am very satisfied with the service of the company.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Thanks you for giving professional feedback to us!

Written by: Tim Hunnicutt 2014-06-23

Fast ship and free, best price I found on my supplies.

Thanks; Tim

Written by: cici 2014-06-14

i have been using the demon wp, no roaches spiders,termites, so far so good,,,its not working as well as i would have hoped for the fire ants as i had hoped

Written by: jean stevens 2014-06-10

I live in Canada and had merit delivered to my brothers house in Michigan. I will not receive this bag until end of Aug just in time to spread it. I am sure it will help a great deal with the grubs.Cannot wait to have in on the lawn.

Written by: Kevin 2014-06-07

Great price. Great product. Great service.

Written by: Don Riley 2014-06-05

I have bought several items from Pestrong. Every item is good quality, very fast shipping, and stands up to the description of each product. I would recommend Pestrong to anyone. I am very satisfied.

Written by: Mal McCann 2014-06-02

Ferromec AC 15-0-0 Liquid
Easy to mix and apply. Lawn greened up in a day or two. I'm not sure how long it will last, but lawn is still green after two weeks.

Written by: Allan Ryan 2014-05-28

SpeedZone works great. Easy application. Pestrong provides fast,reliable service and free shipping. Doesn't get much better then that. Thank-you Pestrong.

Written by: Robert Housner 2014-05-22

I was asked to give a review of a product but not sure how to do that. I was very happy with everything and am more than willing to make a comment. Bob Housner

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Login first. 1. go to product page you bought. 2. scroll down screen until see grey color button of REVIEWS. "REVIEWS" 4.make star rating and leave comment either positive or negative Thanks.

Written by: phil rausch 2014-05-22

Talstar Pro P is very good in controlling chinch bugs in our lawn. It was recommended by a professional lawn man. Pestrong has the best prices.

Written by: Todd 2014-05-20

I have been greatly impressed with the accuracy of my orders as well as the timeliness in which I have received them. Thank you, Todd

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Thanks, but product reviews should be left at product page for valid voucher.

Written by: Joseph Silverthorn 2014-05-19

Use these briquettes in your pond or where you have stagnant water where mosquitoes thrive. It didn't hurt our pollywogs, dogs or cats, donkeys, deer, elk or foxes. We used them last year. We didn't have mosquitoes biting or visible. We live in the foothills around Boise, Idaho. They work great in ponds left over from placer mining.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Thanks, but product reviews should be left at product page for valid voucher.

Written by: Richard Jackson 2014-05-16

My experience with has been wonderful. Good product (Pendulum), great price, fast service, and free delivery - it doesn't get any better than that. I would definitely recommend Pestrong to a friend.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:

Written by: Arnold Fishon 2014-05-15

I'm a Pest Control Operator and Taurus works great and you can't beat the price per ounce when you buy the 78oz container
AAA Abco Termite & Pest control

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Thanks, but product reviews should be left at product page for valid voucher.

Written by: Mal 2014-05-12

Prodiamine 65 WDG order was received quickly. The product was as described and was applied very easily.
Thank you for service.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:

Written by: MORGAN ROBERTS 2014-05-10


Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:

Written by: Steve 2014-05-08

Ordered Chelated Manganese Sulfate and have used it on the Queens, Foxtails, and pigmy palm. So far so good but I just used it this week. Hoping that the yellowing will reverse. Time will tell but easy to use in an ortho sprayer at the rate of 4 tsp per gallon.

Written by: Debra Salatin 2014-04-26

I would highly recommend company . Was surprised it was deliver so fast.

Written by: ex customer 2014-04-25

I will never buy anything again!!! you sent 20 request for feedback ???? anything from you will go straight to JUNK

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Sorry for inconvenience. We sent request feed back e-mail just one time after 21 days from the purchased date by automatically. By our program skill, we send just one time. I guess our e-mail was considered as spam from your e-mail software, so your e-mail program send automatically unlimited loop. Anyway, sorry for inconvenience.

Written by: Jerry Kincaid 2014-04-24

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service on my recent orders. Look forward to doing business with you again!

Written by: calotta mcallister 2014-04-19

youre doing everything right for me I can not think of any improvements thx

Written by: Ken 2014-04-16

I bought this product, Revolver, for a golf course in Costa Rica. They are happy with the results. I will buy more if I get the 2% rebate/coupon emailed to me. Good service, good product, I would recommend Pestrong. Please keep my information private as stated in your "Terms of Privacy"
Thank you.

Written by: carlotta mcallister 2014-04-16

bought many products and the products and prices are great!

Written by: K & K Grass Farms, Alvin, Texas 2014-04-10

Trimec Southern is the best product I have used for broad leaf weeds in St. Augustine grass. Works fast and is inexpensive to use. I have 34 years in the grass business and would not use anything else for post emergent
broad leaf weeds.

Written by: K & K Grass Farms, Alvin, Texas 2014-04-10

If you are looking for a good broad leaf herbicide for St. Augustine use the Trimec Southern. It works better than any thing that I have tried and it works fast. I have been raising St. Augustine commercially for 34 years and it is a great product and is also inexpensive to use as you only have to use 1 to 1-1/2 pints per acre or if you want to use it in a pump up sprayer use 3/4 ounce per gallon of water.

Written by: K & K Grass Farms, Alvin, Texas 2014-04-10

If you are looking for a good broad leaf herbicide for St. Augustine use the Trimec Southern. It works better than any thing that I have tried and it works fast. I have been raising St. Augustine commercially for 34 years and it is a great product and is also inexpensive to use as you only have to use 1 to 1-1/2 pints per acre or if you want to use it in a pump up sprayer use 3/4 ounce per gallon of water.

Written by: Sqair 2014-04-08

Good safe product to determine what pests to treat for. Some problems with curious felines getting stuck in glue trap.

Written by: Sims Benson, Sr. 2014-04-04

What I like most about Pendulum Liquid is the savings. The solid form is much more expensive, and the liquid being a good bit cheaper allows more applications to kill more different weeds!!!

Pestrong is my chemical supplier!

Sims Benson, Sr.

Written by: John 2014-04-04

Nothing negative about your company! Very fast shipping and always have what I want in stock.

Written by: Scott Davis 2014-03-31

Your company was very professional and the products were sent out in a timely manner. I will be back again to purchase the products that I need. I have recommended your company to some of my friends. Thank you

Written by: Arnie Fishon 2014-03-27

I am a Pest Control Operator. I use Termidor SC for Termites and every type of Ant and all outside insects. I've been doing this for over 40 years and NOTHING works better...
Arnie Fishon
AAA Abco Termite and Pest Control

Written by: Preston Jackson 2014-03-24

Taurus SC Generic Termidor-78oz Terro-PCO-16oz Combo Pack
This is a great product at a reasonable price. Easy to apply and has all of the "Active" ingredients as other competitors, much cheaper price though, so I'm looking forward to "NO pests" in the years to come after applying this product.

Written by: Preston Jackson 2014-03-24

Termidor foam is a great product at a reasonable price. Easy to apply and has all of the "Active" ingredients as other competitors, much cheaper price though, so I'm looking forward to "NO pests" in the years to come after applying this product.

Written by: Tony Magazzi Sr 2014-03-19

Have been dealing with Peststrong for about a year now and find their prices very competitive and they generally have all the products that I need.I use a lot of Maxforce Magnum and their prices are the best.
Tony Magazzi Sr.
Knock-Out Exterminating LLC

Written by: Mary Deldgie 2014-03-19

We had previously purchased the FMC Mop UP Insecticide-5lb about a year ago. The product worked so well, that we doubled our order this year and plan to have it available for use for our other customers as well.
We used the product specifically in a very high traffic area where locker and shower rooms are located. This moist area has always been a problem area for bugs, nats and flies. The product worked beautifully. We used very little of the product so it lasts for quite a while. We are no longer searching for a solution. We found what works with the FMC Mop UP Insecticide.

Written by: Joe Pask 2014-03-19

Greaqt Pricing and Fast Shipping!

Written by: Rayford Fontenot 2014-03-15

Surflan AS was very easy to use; my target weed has not shown up yet but time will tell. Pestrong was very quick in their delivery and the package was well bundled. This is a first class company.

Love your products and your prices!!!!

Written by: Michael Perdue 2014-03-15

Great value for controlling all unwanted vegetation.Pestrong has the best price on the 'net.I'll definitely order from them again.

Written by: Todd 2014-03-13

I am not sure if this is where I leave feedback, but this was very simple to order and I received exactly on time. Thank you, Todd

Written by: scott brown 2014-03-13

Awesome product great price 100foot copper mesh roll I will be.ordering more soon ..... Thank you

Written by: michael gulino 2014-03-02

great service and fast shipping

Written by: Pharmf846 2014-03-01

Hello! interesting site! I'm really like it! Very, very good!

Written by: Randy Brewer 2014-02-27

Very happy fast delivery!!

Written by: Rick 2014-02-11

Product was exactly what I was looking for. Shipment arrived very quick after the easy checkout.

Written by: y jr 2014-02-05

That was quick!

Written by: CE 2014-02-02

We have a 3000 sqft home. We used this in combination with CB Invader Propoxur Aerosol Insecticide. Have almost eradicated our problem of German roaches. Will keep using, obviously works!! Thanks for the products and fast shipping!

Written by: ThxinTex 2014-02-02

We have a 3000 sq ft home. We hired an extreminator and saw he used this product; CB Invader Propoxur Aerosol Insecticide. We bought it and the Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait Gel Insecticide tube. Together we have seriously fought our problem of German roaches... hardly see them anymore!
Ordered more of the 2 and have about cured our problem! Thanks for these products they are wonderful!!

Written by: Kathryn Austin 2014-02-01

Best product for insect control that I have tried.

Written by: Daniel Yorbe 2014-01-31

Great Product! to terminate those tiny bugs.

Written by: Sebastian 2014-01-26

Finally a product that works in my apartments. Being landlord always having issues with roaches. This product really works.

Written by: Sebastian 2014-01-26

Finally a product that works in my apartments. Being landlord always having issues with roaches. This product really works.

Written by: Sebastian Bylinski 2014-01-26

Don't use it alone. Use it along with other products to make it work really good. I am using with InVict Gold Cockroach Gel Bait Insecticide.

Written by: Sebastian Bylinski 2014-01-26

Works great. Good for tight spots.

Written by: Sebastian Bylinski 2014-01-26

Just sprayed my apartments along with InVict Gold Cockroach Gel Bait Insecticide. Works great.

Written by: Kent 2014-01-19

this is a great product for dealing with roaches and bed bugs

Written by: John Adams 2014-01-12

This is the best product on the market. I searched for a little while for a good deal and this site was the best deal that I could find. It came in a timely mannor. Thanks.

Written by: Sarah Guerra 2013-12-28

We use this as fruit fly prevention at our large restaurant. We simply spray it down the drains at night. It works great and this website offers the best price.

Written by: CountrygirlsloveTractors! 2013-12-26

Great prices, free shipping and easy to navigate site. Definitely will do more business!

Written by: james hunt 2013-12-23

excellent customer care service fast response and faster shipping!!!

Written by: Sergeants Integrated Pest Solutions Inc. 2013-12-19

good green alternative, solid performer, it does kill fire ants just takes a little more than the conventional materials. Some people will be turned off by the strong fresh scent, doesn't smell bad but for some too much scent.

Written by: R. hasenbank 2013-12-19

Knowledgeable staff with great service and fast delivery. Products appear to perform as expected, time will tell.

Written by: Michael Kintz 2013-12-18

Great product, Pestong had the best price of any one. Shipping was fast. Spent one day trenching around my house and filling with product. Very happy customer.

Written by: mohan singh 2013-12-08


Written by: fred 2013-11-24

Advance termite bait system pro-kit has everything you need to get started comes with spider tool for easy monitoring

Written by: fred 2013-11-24

advance termite monitoring wood base is a great product, buy 100 at a time for a great price

Written by: Mary huckabay 2013-11-23

Great product and great service at a low price.

Written by: robert 2013-11-20

Good product at a great price compared to Safers brand insecticidal soap. Actually contains 2% more active ingredient than comparable Southern Ag brand product.
Received product promptly, well packaged and with free shipping consider this purchase a bargain.
I only wish Peststrong offered a more complete line of organic gardening products (such as BT, spinosad, etc.) because their prices are competitive and service is excellent. Perhaps if Peststrong receives more requests for organic supplies they’ll add them to their line. Satisfied customer.

Written by: Ron 2013-11-02

Extremely good product at a great price. Delivery was prompt.

Written by: Larry Hagenauer 2013-11-02

Ordered filed quickly and accurately - at a good price. What more to ask? I will be a return customer.

Written by: Richard HASENBANK 2013-10-30

Great product and customer service!

Purchased this product for home perimeter defense against termites. Since our home is now 12 years old and figuring the original termiticide installed during new construction had probably lost its effectiveness, I selected Termidor based on investigation and data. The installation of the product is quite easy, but depending on your soils, trenching can be rigorous. I had rock and roots to deal with, in addition to red clay. Not a big deal, just takes a little more effort and time.

Pestrong has great customer service and is very knowledgeable regarding products and use. Ordered online and had the materials in 3 days.

Contacted Pestrong regarding other issues such as ants and termite bait stations and received great advice. Will definitely order from them again

Outstanding experience with this firm and products.

Written by: Carl Newton 2013-10-29


Written by: Rick 2013-10-29

Easy ordering and super fast delivery of a quality product. Just installed the product so I can not comment on anything in particular at this time. Actual application in trench could not be simpler.

I over applied it in some areas due to soil conditions and moisture content , will be ordering more.

Product provides peace of mind just like when the home was built 11 years ago.

Written by: Joseph CONROY 2013-10-28

Bought this product to control Crazy Ants in East Texas. Followed the regimen suggested by Texas A&M and sprayed the sides of my foundation walls and a 3-6 foot band of product around the house. It was so bad that I could barely go outside around my house without these things being all over me. After 3 days, there was little if any sign of crazy ant activity around the house, with literally tens of thousands of dead ants around the periphery. It has now been 6 days since application and I can see a few ants out by the street, but none in the areas of the perimeter that was sprayed. As I said, I did not spray the entire yard, so I expected some activity around the street. The question will be whether the product will keep the ants away from the house over time. I will update my review in a couple of weeks to let you know. For now, the product has done an amazing job and the areas around my house are ANT FREE!!!

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
I am happy with your results also.

Written by: Steven French 2013-10-28

I bought alpine roach bait an advert dust and Talstar Professional . And the products works great. The bait work awesome on roaches . Talstar works good inside and outside .

Written by: Joseph CONROY 2013-10-26

TX A&M researcher of Crazy Ants says Fipronil is about the only insecticide that works on Crazy Ants, which is what I bought it for. Sprayed directly on ants I saw it kill them within an hour. However, sprayed vertically and horizontally on short rock walls surrounding flower beds has little effect on them. Turn over rocks two days after spraying and there they are by the billions. I think the Crazies are going to take much much more to keep them at bay. I have no hope for entirely ridding my large yard of them.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
I saw your reviews. Two days is too short to have a decision of results. Termidor is slow release non-repellent unlike other chemical. They should bring back to colony then feed queen of ants. Once queen dead, most of ants will be gone. Based my exp, it will be 7 days.

Written by: BugControl 2013-10-26

Pestrong was quick to fill and ship two orders that I placed. I received a tracking number and the product ordered was received ahead of the time frame estimated. It is a pleasure doing business with Pestrong.

Written by: Ron 2013-10-25

Product is great. The price you can not beat. The
delivery was prompt.
I would give Pestrong and the product 5 stars,

Written by: Ron 2013-10-25

Deer Scam Professional 25 Pounds

This is a great product . The price, you can't beat and the delivery is prompt. I would give Pestrong and the product five stars!

Written by: Rayford Fontenot 2013-10-22

Very good product and well priced. PESTRONG has excellent products and fast delivery options. I have this outfit BOOKMARKED.

Written by: tony 2013-10-21

Triplet is the best stuff to use on clover and does equally well on all broad leaf weeds this the product of choice in our nursery

Written by: Agger Fish CORP 2013-10-21

We're very satisfied with the services we've received, and the product actually arrived much quicker than anticipated. We will definitely re-order from Petstrong in the future!

Written by: YANG VANG 2013-10-21

Okay. To be honest, this time it was better than my last purchase. My last purchase wasnt as good because one of the packet got ripped somehow. So when i opened it, it was powderly. I wasnt happy at all! I could've returned it but i decided not too. So yeah. That's my feedbacks. Overall it's a 7 out of 10. Thanks for reading.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
We found the manufacturer have sealed weak glue at that time. The amvac already has fixed this problem.

Written by: Keith 2013-10-20

It was a pleasure doing business via Internet order for a herbicide from Korusa. Even though Korusa is in Texas and I live in South Dakota, the transaction was easy to make, the price was good, and the order was shipped quickly and without any damage or other issues. I'll likely be purchasing other products in the future.

Written by: scott connell 2013-10-19

Excellent product on grassy weeds. Weeds were almost dead in 3 days. Did not effect my Bermuda at all. I used 3 TBS per gallon of water. I am going to check and see of I can mix Trimec with it. Pestrong is a great company. My order was at my front door in 2 days.

Written by: Kamil ŘÍPA 2013-10-18

I've been using XL 2G as a weed control for several years for prevention weed emerging. It works great and simple way to apply. Best price available, prompt shipping and delivery.

Written by: Carl NEWTON 2013-10-18

I have used bifen/it without any issue. Great product with cheaper than talstar.
Great price with free shipping. thanks.

Written by: phillip 2013-10-15

I love termidor kit because this is easy to use. Drill holes in the galleries and puff the powder into the holes. That's all. No mess, no liquid, no odor. great product.

Written by: Yvette DEL PINO 2013-10-04

The order process was very easy. I look forward to shopping again.

Written by: Robert Chapman 2013-10-04

I couldn't believe Termidor SC price is correct.
They also do free shipping to me. Excellent.

Written by: denise 2013-10-03

I live in pennsylvania. The accliam extra is best herbicide for my cool season grass.

Written by: fred 2013-09-23

Am paying with Pay Pal and they have all my info, why can't I just buy as a gust at your website.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
We just use Pay Pal as payment method. we need you open account for us. That makes you place order easy for future.

Written by: pepita 2013-09-17

Propoxur Aerosol is great for cockroach control.

Written by: james 2013-09-17

This is unique flea dust product to apply over carpet directly. It will be good.

Written by: Andy SANTILLANES 2013-09-11

Thank you guys. Pestrong is great!

Written by: betty 2013-09-11

The Pestrong is great customer service and lowest price. AAA+++

Written by: brendan 2013-09-10

Easy to find on the net and great price!

Written by: Jazelle, Richmond VA 2013-07-28

I love this product. One packet of this along with IGR and pyrethin oil kept my home bug free for 1 yr 5 months. Reordering today. My only suggestion would be an improvement on the smell. It stinks to high heaven for about 2 weeks, but I can live with a little smell if it means I can get rid of the bugs. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
If you worried about bad odor, use our odor-scent. Mix with orthene and one drop of odor scent into water.

Written by: Okie Joe 2013-07-22

This is a GREAT product. It absolutely DESTROYS nutsedge. If I tank mix it I use 10-12oz per acre and if im back packing I use .275oz per gallon. This is a great place to buy Dismiss, Pestrong has the best prices and fast shipping.

Written by: Okie Joe 2013-07-22

Great product, destroys all sedges with only slight yellowing of your turf grass. Pestrong has the best price on Dismiss and FAST shipping.

Written by: Loyd Huffman 2013-07-10

I ordered outrider on 7-5-13 received it on 7-8-13. Very fast service & on a holiday too!

Written by: John 2013-07-09

Fastest shipping ever! I live close by, but to get it THE NEXT DAY is beyond expectations!!! Thanks!

Written by: Gary LaBarbera Sr 2013-06-26

great doing business with you: quick and accurate orders, delivered fast

Written by: Johnathan Butler 2013-06-24

Thanks for your great service. I will buy from you in the near future and will tell all my co workers what a great company you are. Thanks Johnathan Butler

Written by: Johnathan Butler 2013-06-22

I received the order on time but one jug was damaged and about one gallon leaked out. $109 is a lot to pay for 4 gallons and not the 5 gallons I order. I have pictures I can send you of the damaged jug and the level inside.

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
We followed service as you wish. Thanks for order.

Written by: david hughes 2013-06-12

A really GREAT company to do buisness with!! I was a little leery at first ordering because the price was so low,,TERMIDOR-SC & free shipping,but went ahead..NO PROBLEMS..REAL PRODUCT & lightning fast shipping! & I'm in Ca. Order with confidence..legit co. & GREAT PRICES!!!

Written by: Mark Mansfield 2013-06-10

I ordered the product online via assistance from John on the Chat line. The product was easy to order. Looking forward to receipt of the product.

Written by: Tom Echo 2013-06-07

Excellent service. I ordered Safari Ash borer from petstrong after a web search. I called with a question for additional info and the phone was answered promptly. My questions were patiently answered.
After delivery I had mixing questions and once again the call was answered promptly and a knowledgeable person helped me.
I reordered more 2 days later and I was met with the same level of help.
Very unusual with web orders these days, but very welcome

Written by: Elaine H. Walizer 2013-05-18

Your Terms show FREE shipping for orders over $35 but I am being charged $11+ for shipping on your online form. I am NOT completing my order for that reason. Dirty pool!

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Yes...we do free shipping to over $35.00. But Not automatic free shipping. You need to select "pestrong delivery--WCC(We Choose Carrier) ----free shipping" at selection carrier page while order process. Because some customer want to express shipping, we need to separate shipping carrier. Sorry for confuse. Again, If you need fee free shipping at shipping carrier selection page. Thanks.

Written by: Thomas L. Dein 2013-05-17

"Lowest Price Guarantee" quote from your website is misleading, found a better price on-line and your feedback indicated you have free shipping ! Anyone would interpret you were referencing the product. Might want to change wording or maybe your preference is to be misleading ?

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Not all product is available. Termidor SC, Suspend SC, etc is lowest price. Also, if you leave product review, we will give 2% discount for all product. But, price always changed, so we can not match all the time. Our competetor also has same reason. Check Lowest Price Guarantee.

Written by: Dominic Quatman 2013-05-15

Kevin your awesome!!! This guy will take care of you and save you BIG bucks in the process. Owning a pest control company is a lot of work and saving over 30% on chemicals is a life saver. Thanks again PESTRONG.COM!!!!
-Dominc Quatman (owner) SAFE & SOUND PEST CONTROL Elkhart, IN.

Written by: Mike Hettenbach 2013-05-12

Do you seel anywhere near the Winston Salem, NC area?

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
No, sir. We do sell item via our only to worldwide.

Written by: carlotta mcallister 2013-03-02

your program will not let me send you a message on the message page i tried 5 times and always had one error should be easier my tracking @ is invalid and would like to get a good one so i can see when to expect my shipment thanks carlotta

Written by: Mark from MECHANICSVILLE MARYLAND 2013-02-19

The web site and process was very easy and user friendly. The delivery was packed professionally and on time. I would definitly refer my friends and give it a 5 STAR Rating.
my order was 6EA. TV6GR (TEMP-VENTS)

Written by: donald minor 2012-08-29

thanks for the great, fast and free shipping. you have won over a new customer.

Written by: John 2012-08-15

Great products and service. I buy a lot of my fertilizers and pre-emergents that contain slow release, as well as herbicides like Team Pro, XL, etc. Pestrong will be my new source!

Ordered on a Monday, shipped that day, received the next day. Love the free shipping!

John in TN

Written by: krm305 2012-08-14

They have a live chat session which was very helpful. I love their prices, and that they offer free shipping as well. I will definitely buy from them again!

Written by: ed king 2012-07-21

I'm looking for niban granular bait on vancouver Island. BC or by mail order in canada?

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Sure, we can deliver to cananda. You can place order online with final price. Thanks.

Written by: Douglas Hardin ( Hardco Pest Control) 2012-07-10

Zenprox is an extreamly good insectiside against bed bugs and german roaches. It should only be used by pest control companies. The label should be followed closely.

Written by: Merv Leffler 2012-06-11

Received product as advertised and very quickly. Product worked much better than what i had been using to kill clover and other broadleaf.

Written by: Kevin B 2012-05-25

Top notch service low prices plus fast free shipping couldnt be better. Ordered the Termidor sc termicide/insecticide-20 oz. received within two days sprayed it that afternoon PERFECT!!! goodbye carpenter ants RIP.

Written by: anet 2012-05-23

You are one of the best companies on the internet. Great prices, fast service, prompt shipping and free! thanks and wish me luck with the termites. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that has a pest problem

Written by: Charles Wright 2012-05-22

Thank you folks for shipping my order so fast - good job. My tomatoes also thank you.

Written by: james barnhill 2012-05-12

tried to order with my debit card and it said i needed a valid is valid

Written by: myron hadden 2012-05-03

I have some trimec on hand but had lost application booklet.The appli. rate says 0.5 to 1oz/gal. Would the app.rate be the same using a hose end sprayer?

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
Yes...You can use hose end sprayer with same rate.

Written by: Dean Fitzgerald 2012-05-02

I was surprised at how fast Pestrong shipped my order, it's nice to know you can rely on a company to be fair priced with fast professional service.

Dean Fitz
3D Blueberry Farm

Written by: MEC 2012-04-15

Great service. Great prices. No hassel shopping. Will continue to do business with Pestrong.

Written by: WeedWaker333 2012-03-28

I'm So glad I found this company! I have been trying to find Scythe locally for weeks and then I found Pestrong. It couldn't have been any better plus Free shipping sealed the deal.

Written by: Harry Hughes 2012-03-22

Is shipping free with + $35 order?
Price for shipping ZeroTol 2.5 gal came up as $55 so I didn't order.
Please advise

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
If you want to free shipping over $35 total order, You have to select pestrong delivery. Other carrier selected such as fedex express, or 2 days express, you will have to pay for shipping fee. Pestrong delivery means we just select USPS or FEDEX upon weight. Also Pestrong delivery shipping take most 1-2 days without delaying. Thanks.

Written by: jeriddle 2012-03-13

good website. easy to find products. will use again.

Written by: fclarke12 2012-03-11

There was one item short in the original shipment. Customer support corrected the problem immediately. My order was completed within 5 days after calling customer support.

Written by: millrunner 2012-03-11

My 1st experience with I hope to have a great experience.

Written by: emuyshondt 2012-03-11

Free shipping clinched the deal. Other companies offer same product with "free shipping" but build extra cost into their price.This is my first purchase from you, so I'm looking forward to a positive experience once I actually receive the product I ordered.

Written by: Betty 2012-03-06

Fast shipping and cheap price made me opder again!

Written by: Orlene Heath 2012-03-06

Why I'am I being charged for item over $35?

Wholesale Do It Yourself Pest Weed Control Supplies Reply:
If you live in continental US and choose carrier pestrong delivery, we will free shipping over $35 total order amount. When you select different carrier such as fedex express, priority, Automatically charged. We already anounced over term and conditions. Thanks.

Written by: customer 2012-03-05

best price online and free shiping great value.

Written by: papa 2012-02-27 had product delivered promptly. I will buy from Pestrong again when I need more fertilizer tablets.

Written by: cox 2012-02-22

Great Prices and Shipping options

Written by: Valid 2012-02-21

I found product shipping.Excellent.

Written by: Steve 2012-02-21

Very pleased with their website and all the helpful info on it, good selection of products and reasonable prices and shipping. The product was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

Written by: Gigi 2012-02-21

I had an issue with shipping that was resolved to my satisfaction. Thank you.

Written by: Amazon 2012-02-21

The site was extremely customer friendly. It was very easy to locate the products for which I was searching. All and all, the experience went very smoothly. Thank you.

Written by: Mark 2012-02-21

the product recevied sooner than then i expected. Thank You, Mark

Written by: David 2012-02-21

The owner of this company went out of his way to help with any questions that i had.

Written by: Ali 2012-02-21

Fast ship and goood customer service.

Written by: Amy 2012-02-21

Everthing is perfect, fast shipping and price...I strongly recommend as do it yourself pest control product supply.

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