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4 The Birds Bird Repellent Gel - 10 Oz Tube

4 The Birds Bird Repellent Gel - 10 Oz Tube
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4 The Birds Bird Repellent Gel - 10 Oz Tube is great for bird and ready to use.

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4 The Birds Bird Repellent Gel - 10 Oz Tube is great for bird and ready to use.

This polybutene gel is EPA registered (Registration No. 8254-5-56) for use as a repellent for pigeons and starlings. 

4 The Birds is applied on bird resting places, such as window sills, roof ridges, gutters, parapets and ledges. It can deter birds for up to a year depending on the environment.

Airborne contaminants and debris can cover the gel, reducing effectiveness. If completely coated, remove existing gel, clean the surface thoroughly and reapply.


Before Applying:

  • Clean the surfaces thoroughly. Remove dirt, dropping and other debris. Product must be applied to a clean and dry surface.

  • When cleaning surfaces, take the necessary steps to protect yourself against bird waste hazards.

  • Treat porous and textured surfaces with an under coating such as paint or sealer. See the product label for more details.

  • 4 The Birds works in hot and cold temperatures. It retains its tack from 15o F. up to 200o F.

  • 4 The Birds is labeled for use in repelling pigeons and starlings. Do Not apply where desirable bird species are present.

Coverage - 4 The Birds is applied to clean and dry surfaces in beads. When applied as directed, each cartridge should yield 10 feet of repellent bead.


Cut the tip at a slight angle, leaving the lip on the spout so you can cap partially used containers. Load the cartridge in a caulking gun and break the seal. When applying repellent, press against the surface to help ensure good adhesion.Apply beads of repellent no larger than1/2" wide by 1/2" high. DO NOT COVER THE ENTIRE SURFACE.

For surfaces less than 4" wide, apply one bead of repellent 1" from the outside edge. For surfaces 4" and wider, apply one bead 1" from the outside edge and additional beads for every additional 2" in surface depth.

Leave a small gap in the bead of repellent every 1 to 2 feet to allow for water drainage.

Tip: Lay down strips of water resistant tape on the surface and apply the 4 The Birds Gel to the tape. That way if it becomes necessary to reapply because of dust & debris buildup you can simply pull up and discard the tape and repellent. To reapply, repeat the process.

Clean-Up: Use mineral spirits to remove product from treated surfaces, equipment or other materials.

Active Ingredient : polybutene --- 93%

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Applied this product around my household and it worked like magic. It's supposed to last for a year but it lasted much longer. No pigeons or other annoying birds at all.

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