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SePRO SeClear G Algaecide - 50 Lbs

SePRO SeClear G Algaecide - 50 Lbs
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SePRO SeClear G Algaecide - 50 Lbs successfully managing nuisance algae and improving water quality can be difficult.

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SePRO SeClear G Algaecide - 50 Lbs successfully managing nuisance algae and improving water quality can be difficult.

Other copper-based algaecides—such as the old standard, copper sulfate—can control some algae present but do nothing to address phosphorus and water quality. Thus, management can turn into a cycle of application, temporary improvement and rapid regrowth, with no progress toward long-term water quality improvement.

SeClear Granules formula solved that problem by:

  • Treating the algae present

  • Reducing the amount of available phosphorous and suspended solids with each application

  • Providing algae control

  • Allowing for longer intervals between applications

  • Reducing the field for follow-up applications

  • Enhancing water quality

With the development of SeClear G, SePRO has again advanced the science of algae management.

This new granule formulation provides all of the proven algaecidal and water quality enhancement benefits of the liquid SeClear formulation with several improvements.

  • Controls surface and bottom algae (including Chara)

  • Broadcast as a granule or dissolve and spray

  • Typical application rate: 15 to 25 lbs/acre

  • Improved economics


Active ingredient : Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate -- 58.9%

It cannot be used in ponds containing koi or gold fish.

If you want use in ponds containing koi, use GreenCleen Pro Algaecide/Fungicide.

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