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Imazuron Herbicide Generic Sahara DG - 10 Lb

Imazuron Herbicide Generic Sahara DG - 10 Lb
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Imazuron Herbicide Generic Sahara DG - 10 Lb is a broad-spectrum water-dispersible granule herbicide

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Imazuron Herbicide Generic Sahara DG - 10 Lb is  a broad-spectrum water-dispersible granule herbicide for use on specified non-crop sutes and under paved areas.

• Provides knock down and long-term control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds, vines, hardwoods, and grasses
• Excellent long-term control of grasses such as broadleaf signalgrass, johnsongrass and sand dropseed
• Season-long bareground control
• Unique dispersible granule formulation won’t clog nozzles or injection units ensuring easy application and even product distribution

  • Rate : 0.5 ~ 1 Lb per gallon of water

               7 ~ 19 Lb(Maximum per Year) per 100 gallons of water per acre

  • Active Ingredients: Imazapyr -- 7.78%, Diuron -- 62.22% (Same as Mojave 70 EG, Sahara DG)
  • Always mix with non-ionic surfactant for better result
  • Can be use as Pre or Post-emergent
  • Economic Replacement for Roundup Solution

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