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Intrepid Edge Insecticide - Gallon

Intrepid Edge Insecticide - Gallon
Dow AgroSciences LLC

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Intrepid Edge Insecticide - Gallon combines the knockdown power of spinetoram

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Intrepid Edge Insecticide - Gallon combines the knockdown power of spinetoram with the residual control of methoxyfenozide delivers faster knockdown and consistent control of destructive foliage-and pod-feeding insects, including armyworm, corn earworm (bollworm) and looper.

Plus, Intrepid Edge is an excellent rotational option for resistance management. 

Intrepid Edge has a unique mode of action in insecticide rotations because the active ingredient, spinetoram, is the only Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Group 5 insecticide.

Compared with the closest competitive products, Intrepid Edge insecticide delivered more effective control of soybean looper populations with 70 percent control within 24 hours.

Rate: 4 - 18 oz. per acre (See label for details)

Active Ingredients : methoxyfenozide -- 28.30%, spinetoram -- 5.66%

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