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Crest Plant Growth Stimulant - Gallon

Crest Plant Growth Stimulant - Gallon
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Crest Plant Growth Stimulant - Gallon is a plant biostimulant

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Crest Plant Growth Stimulant - Gallon is a plant biostimulant which can improve the germination of seed, plant emergence in cool conditions, root growth, seedling development and plant growth/development throughout the growing season.

It is for use on sod, turf, non-bearing trees, shrubs, flowering plants and ornamentals.

Active ingredients : Cytokinin (as Kinetin) -- 0.010 %, Indole Butyric Acid (IBA) -- 0.005%, Gibberellic Acid (A3) -- 0.005%

Registered Crop : soft wood cuttings, shrubs and woody ornamentals, flowering plants and shrubs such as poinsettia, rose, azalea, rhododendron, crepe myrtle; and for other flowering and non-flowering shrubs

Rate : see product label for details

CREST is soluble in water but can also be mixed directly into many liquid fertilizers. CREST can also be applied in tank mixes as foliar sprays. Tank mixes of CREST and fertilizers must be mixed thoroughly and applied within 1 day of mixing. Agitation must be maintained to assure proper dispersal of the CREST in the fertilizer.

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