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Fleas Pro Kit Pestrong

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Fleas Pro Kit Pestrong is excellent fleas control do it yourself residential pest control kit.

You can use this kit detailed control fleas.

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2 quantities

This Fleas Pro Kit Pestrong consists

 1. Six(6) of precor water base total release fogger /w IGR 3oz (one for one room)

 2. One(1) of zenprox ec specialty insecticide 16oz --- excellent residual non-repellent insecticide, use 2oz per 1 gallon of water

 3. One(1) of ultracide /w IGR 20oz aerosol


* You can get great result for fleas treatment within 2~3 trials by 7-10 days intervals using this professional kit.

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I tried several products to get rid of the flea infestation and nothing worked. I TRULY stand behind this product. This worked immediately. I have no pets but the fleas came with the neighborhood cats that like to sleep next to my door. Not only did this work dramatically, but something in the odor kept those darn cats away too! I highly recommend this product. Thank you soooo very much Ultracide!

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