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Bio Gel Pro Kleen Mop Water Additive Digester - 1gal

Bio Gel Pro Kleen Mop Water Additive Digester - 1gal

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Bio Gel Pro Kleen Mop water additive digester for Drain, Fruit Fly - 1galĀ is a new generation of floor cleaner that provides superior soil-lifting capabilities, instant odor control and residual drain line treatment to breakdown problematic and odor causing organics.

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Daily use of Bio-Gel Pro Kleen will remove organic buildups from floors and drains.

BIO-GEL PRO KLEEN is specifically formulated for use in mop water for degradation of organic debris on flooring, grout, expansion joints and in the mop itself.
Directing the overflow down floor drains will enhance overall drain performance and provide for long-term odor elimination.

  • Advanced floor cleaner and mop water additive
  • Advanced surfactants blended with superior microbial technology makes this product the preferred product for restaurants, hospitality, institutional, and industrial applications
  • Simply add it to mop water and let it go to work!
  • Keeps mop heads fresher, longer
  • Removes organic debris build-up that causes foul odors
  • Rate : 2-4oz per 1 gallon of mop water

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Bio gel pro kleen is the basic element solution to keeps bugs out in our restaurant & bar. I do mop up with water when we clean once a week, no pest problem yet. it works great.

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