Bithor SC (Allectus) Insecticide - qt product

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Bithor SC (Allectus) Insecticide - qt

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Bithor SC (Allectus) Insecticide - qt is simply the best option with two powerful imidacloprid and bifenthrin for Ants, Ticks, Fleas & Turf Pests.

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The perfect choice for the toughest outdoor jobs. No odor, High performance, and Long-term residual action; plus all the safety features you demand - GUARANTEED. Bithor's formulation penetrates the densest foliage to get the insecticide to where the pests are.


Pests Controlled: Chinch Bugs, Ants, Beet Armyworm, Black vine weevil adult, Broad mites, Budworms, Scale crawlers,  Citrus  thrips,  Clover  mites,  Diaprepes  (adults),  European  red  mites,  Fleabeetles, Fungus  gnats  (adults),  Grasshoppers,  Leafrollers,  Mites,  Mosquitoes,  Orchid  weevil,  Pine needle  scales  (crawlers),  Plant  bugs,  San  Jose  scale  (crawlers),  Spider  Mites,  Thrips,  Tip moths, Twig borers, Wasps, Bagworms, Cutworms, Fall webworms, Gypsy moth  caterpillars, Leaf  feeding caterpillars, Tent caterpillars, Adelgids, Aphids, Japanese beetles, Lacebugs, Leafbeetles (including elm and viburnum  leaf  beetles),  Leafhoppers  (including  glassy-winged  sharpshooter),  Mealybugs, Psyllids, Sawfly larvae, Thrips (suppression), Treehoppers, Whiteflies

Application Sites: Permitted sites include but are not limited to lawns, grounds and landscapes at and/or around residential dwellings (single and multi-family), office, commercial, shopping and institutional buildings and complexes, grounds, parks, recreational areas, athletic fields, playgrounds, airports and cemeteries.

Product Type: Suspension Concentrate

Ready to use or mixing required: Mixing required

Apply BITHOR SC at 0.4 to 1.65 fluid ounces per 1000
square feet or 1.1 to 4.5 pints per acre, depending on the target pest.

Active Ingredient(s): Imidacloprid - 5%, Bifenthrin - 4%

Same Active Ingredient(s), Same Concentration: Allectus, Brigadier

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Bithor SC (Allectus) Insecticide - qt Pestrong-Bithor SC (Allectus) Insecticide - qt is simply the best option with two powerful imidacloprid and bifenthrin for Ants, Ticks, Fleas & Turf Pests. Ensystex Inc
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