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Prentox Pyrethrins Concentrate 96 Insecticide Fogger - Gal

Prentox Pyrethrins Concentrate 96 Insecticide Fogger - Gal

Envincio LLC
Envincio LLC

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Prentox Concentrate 96 Insecticide Fogger - Gal is 0.96% pyrethrins for use only on home vegetable gardens.

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Prentox Concentrate 96 Insecticide Fogger - Gal is 0.96% pyrethrins for use only on home vegetable gardens.

Prentox Concentrate 96 Insecticide Fogger - Gal is 0.96% pyrethrins for use only on home vegetable gardens. Not for use on plants being grown for sale or other commercial seed production, or for research purposes. For use on plants intended for aesthetic purposes or climatic modification and being grown in interior plantscapes, ornamental gardens or parks, or on golf courses or lawns and grounds.



To control ADULT MOSQUITOES; using ground application, dilute 1 part concentrate and 7 parts water or oil. Apply as a fine mist or fog. Treat entire area with particular attention to shrubbery and vegetation where mosquitoes may rest, also low or marshy areas, shore lines and stagnant pools or ponds. Repeat as necessary, usually once or twice a week. With mobile or truck mounted equipment, the above application rate will result if a 300 foot swath is treated, traveling at 5
miles per hour, dispersing spray at a rate of 100-120oz./min. or 46.875-56.25gal./hr.

AND SPINOSE EAR TICKS: Do not use on dogs under 12 weeks.


ON VEGETABLES & ORNAMENTALS: May be used on vegetables and ornamentals (outdoors or in greenhouses) up to and including day of harvest. Especially desirable as a clean-up or pre-harvest spray where other materials may not be used due to residue restrictions. When applied according to accepted use cautions and directions this concentrate may be used in combination with other insecticides where resistant insects are a problem, or as an "exciter", to flush insects out of hiding and into contact with spray residues.
Use 1.2 to 3.6 ounces in 10 gallons of water to allow thorough coverage. Coverage of upper and lower leaf surfaces is essential for good control.


AS A SURFACE SPRAY: For initial clean up of severe insect infestations, dilute at a rate of 1 part concentrate and 4 parts water or oil. For use in edible product areas of federally inspected meat and poultry plants and for normal infestations, dilute 1 part concentrate and 9 parts water or oil. To control ROACHES, ANTS, SILVERFISH, SPIDERS, CRICKETS, CLOVER MITES, CHEESEMITES, GRANARY WEEVILS, RICE WEEVILS, CONFUSED FLOUR BEETLES, RUST RED FLOUR BEETLES, SAWTOOTHED GRAIN BEETLES, SPIDER BEETLES, CIGARETTE BEETLES, DRUGSTORE BEETLES, MEAL WORMS, GRAIN MITES, SCORPIONS, BOXELDER BUGS AND CADELLES: Use a good sprayer adjusted to deliver a coarse, wet spray. Direct the spray into hiding places, cracks and crevices, under pallets, around containers of stored foods, around the
bases of machinery, behind shelves, and drawers.

For SILVERFISH: Spray bookcases.

For ANTS: Spray trails, nests and points of entry. If surface
application only is to be used, spray floors, walls and other surfaces applying at a rate of 1 gallon to 750 square feet of surface.

To control CARPET BEETLES: Spray edges of carpeting and under carpeting and rugs. Make localized application to floor and baseboards. Spray directly into cracks, closets and infested areas of shelving. Repeat treatment as necessary.

To control BEDBUGS: Spray mattresses lightly, particularly around tuft and seams. Take bed apart and spray all joints. Treat baseboards, moldings, and floors. Repeat treatment as needed.

To control FLEAS AND BROWN DOG TICKS: Thoroughly spray infested areas, pet beds, resting quarters, nearby cracks and crevices, along and behind baseboards, moldings, window and door frames and localized areas of floor covering. Fresh bedding should be placed in animal quarters following treatment. Concurrent treatment of animals with an approved insecticide is recommended. Repeat treatment as needed.

Pyrethrins ......................................... 0.96%
Piperonyl Butoxide,Technical ................ 9.60%
OTHER INGREDIENTS: ........................ 89.44%
                                             TOTAL 100.00%

If you want to smaller size, use Natural Pyrethrin Insecticide Concentrate - 8 oz.

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